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Nostalgia & History > Conrail in the Autumn of 1993

Date: 10/17/20 08:26
Conrail in the Autumn of 1993
Author: sig292

On Conrail's Lehigh Line at about mile post 24.9, between South Plainfield and Edison New Jersey, is a location that the Lehigh Valley RR referred to as "Oak Tree". In the early 1990s this was still a rather (by New Jersey standards) secluded area. Housing developments and strip malls have made it far less so now. In Autumn I often hiked in and spent most of a sunny day photographing Conrail trains. On my scanner I could pick up NK Tower in Newark and hear the towerman OS any westbound trains heading my way. The Autumn of 1993 had especially bright fall foliage. Conrail was sending through plenty of trains and there were several sunny days during peak colors too. This was also a time when Conrail was tinkering with the train symbols and some strange new ones were heard: SROI, OIMO, and SESR to name a few I put on Kodachrome.
This is certainly a time and place I think of fondly and would return to if I could.
Enjoy the Conrail blues and the Autumn's reds and golds.
-Ken Gear

Photo 1.  C40-8W # 6059 leads PIOI. 10-22-93
Photo 2.  SD40-2 # 6432 leads ALSE-2. 10-22-93
Photo 3. SD-50 # 6748 leads OIMO-3. 10-23-93

Date: 10/17/20 08:28
Re: Conrail in the Autumn of 1993
Author: sig292

Photo 4. SD-60M # 5515 leads TV-212. 10-23-93
Photo 5. SD-60M # 5518 leads SESR-4. 10-23-93
Photo 6. SD40-2 # 6503 leads SROI. 10-22-93
Hope you enjoyed this look back!

Date: 10/17/20 08:52
Re: Conrail in the Autumn of 1993
Author: tgcostello

Wonderful photos, great memories not to be repeated.  Thanks.
Tim Costello

Date: 10/17/20 09:07
Re: Conrail in the Autumn of 1993
Author: perklocal

Those are nice ! Thanks for sharing.

Date: 10/17/20 19:57
Re: Conrail in the Autumn of 1993
Author: steamfan759

Ken -  Great set of fall photos!   Thanks for posting!


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