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Nostalgia & History > Sleeper Saturday: Clan Gordon & Villa Grande

Date: 10/17/20 23:56
Sleeper Saturday: Clan Gordon & Villa Grande
Author: Rainier_Rails

Continuing this series of slides taken in the early 60's by Dick Kuelbs, this time of Plan #3411 10S-3DB sleepers.

During the 1930's, Pullman rebuilt a number of heavyweight sleepers to various new layouts, providing the newer-concept spaces that were then also being introduced in the early lightweight equipment. One of these was the Plan #3411 Villa/Clan-series, with 10 sections and 3 double bedrooms.

1) Clan Gordon at Dallas Union Station, on December 25th, 1964. Built as the Plan #2411C 12S-1C-1DR Kendrick (Lot #4494, May 1917, PRR), rebuilt in March 1932 to the Plan #3411 Clan Gordon (changed from Tuscan Red to Pullman Green at that time), assigned to the C&NW by/as of 1937, sold to the C&NW at the 12/31/1948 divestiture, repainted to Armour Yellow in December 1952, repainted to C&NW Yellow & Green in March 1956, retired in March 1965, and subsequently transferred to the MofW department as #X-301027.

2) Villa Grande in Dallas, on January 2nd, 1961. Built as the Plan #2411/B 12S-1C-1DR Covesville (Lot #3880, March 1911, Wayner says for the general service pool, Kratville indicates for the SOU), rebuilt in August 1930 to the Plan #3411 Villa Grande, assigned to the Wabash, Frisco, ACL, and Southern at different times 1937-1941, sold to the SOU at the 12/31/1948 divestiture as #2454, repainted to SOU Green in June 1955, retired in August 1961 and subsequently scrapped.

Here's a link to the previous post in this series, of Ash Belt and Poplar Dell: https://www.trainorders.com/discussion/read.php?11,5118994


1. "The Complete Roster of Heavyweight Pullman Cars" by Robert J. Wayner (Wayner Publications, 1985)

2. "Passenger Car Catalog: Pullman Operated Equipment, 1912-1949" by William W. Kratville (Kratville Publications, 1968)

3. Tom Madden's Pullman Project CCR database: http://pullmanproject.com/Database.htm

4. Tom Madden's Pullman Project AC assignments (1937-1943) database.

5. "Railway Prototype Cyclopedia Vol. 33: Pullman Heavyweight Sleepers, Part IV: The Color Photographs by Dick Kuelbs" (RP CYC Publishing Co., 2016)

I highly recommend the last source listed, an excellent pictorial "cross section" of what the Pullman heavyweight fleet looked like in its later years, jammed with hundreds of slides taken by Mr. Kuelbs, way more than those of his that I have in my own collection.

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Date: 10/18/20 06:59
Re: Sleeper Saturday: Clan Gordon & Villa Grande
Author: gcm

Great images.
Thanks for the ongoing posting of heavyweifght cars.

Date: 10/18/20 08:10
Re: Sleeper Saturday: Clan Gordon & Villa Grande
Author: tomstp

Gosh that T&P baggage car is filthy.  Never saw one like that before.

Date: 10/19/20 10:43
Re: Sleeper Saturday: Clan Gordon & Villa Grande
Author: Latebeans

Clan Gordon looks a bit dusty as well.

Date: 10/19/20 10:56
Re: Sleeper Saturday: Clan Gordon & Villa Grande
Author: dan


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