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Nostalgia & History > 1989: CR rebuilds Manville (NJ) yard

Date: 11/21/20 12:31
1989: CR rebuilds Manville (NJ) yard
Author: Pattenburg

Back in November, 1989 was the month that CR started to rebuild Manville Yard. In the first photo, CR 7887 (GP38) stands idle while a front loader carries away some debris from the clean up. CR 7887 would later becom NS (PRRX) 2934 then eventually end up being rebuilt by NS to RP-E4C slug 711. In the second image, grading of the area is underway, new track is being positioned and off to the right, partially obscured by the vehicles, is CR 1946 (B23-7) with its welded rail cars. CR 1946 would become NS (PRRX) 4046 before being retired.

Date: 11/21/20 16:01
Re: 1989: CR rebuilds Manville (NJ) yard
Author: dcfbalcoS1

         Since there is a crew aboard that ConRail power, I doubt it is very 'idle'.

Date: 11/21/20 19:58
Re: 1989: CR rebuilds Manville (NJ) yard
Author: Lackawanna484

Thank you for these great pictures.

One of Conrail's objectives was to rip out the  Reading Company's track from Manville yard to the (old) Port Reading Jct. Conrail was always in fear that it would be bought, and divided.  So, removing opportunities for easy division might have played a role.  Or, maybe just reducing maintenance and taxes.  In the second picture, the Reading bridge is to the right, and the Lehigh Valley bridge is to the left, The Reading's Port Reading freight lead was pushed over to connect with the LV in Manville, and a new connection back to the Port Reading line was created near the Bound Brook station. 

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