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Date: 01/13/21 08:48
Getting ready for departure
Author: gcm

Aug 77
I took quite a few shots of the Lone Star in Houston over the years but this is one of my favorites.
Just another morning getting ready to leave for Chicago.
A usual occurrence was a mail truck loading storage mail (I've seen up to three trucks at a time here).
Regular baggage is being loaded with one of the Amtrak mechanical crew (Bob Sherwood)  inspecting the train.
The veteran sleeping car attendant is waiting for passengers.
I wonder if he worked for the Pullman Co. at one time.
Hard to believe these morning Lone Star rituals in Houston have been gone for over 41 years.



Date: 01/13/21 09:16
Re: Getting ready for departure
Author: RodneyZona

Old Santa Fe Railway Temple, TX based conductors and head brakemen worked Temple-Cleburne-Houston-Temple.  Houston, TX rear brakemen and Temple, TX engine crews worked between Cleburne and Houston,

Date: 01/13/21 09:40
Re: Getting ready for departure
Author: refarkas

The mail truck makes this even better. Well done.

Date: 01/13/21 10:18
Re: Getting ready for departure
Author: Hou74-76

     Yup, you caught it alright, a typical day at Houston - and a good one too.  I notice the Palm series sleeper is on a last minute battery charge with the blue painted, Lincoln welder providing 32v.dc to supplement the batteries.  It must have been a warm morning with the steam ejector AC switched on.  That welder/charger was a remnant brought over from Union Station days.  Amtrak mechanical guys kept busy with paint brushes(hence the blue welder)and hand saws(hence the new baggage cart side slats) when not inspecting or servicing the trains.  The Lone Star looks good and clean with no steam leaks in this view.

     Well, it is bittersweet to see this photo. It is a real time capsule for me. Bobby was a real stickler when inspecting the trains or making a brake test. If there was a flaw or deficiency in the brakes or underside, he would let you know. I have a story or two I could tell, but not now.  I do not recognize the red jacketed attendant at the sleeping car boarding steps.  By 1977, there was a chance he did not work for Pullman.  Some of the sleeping car attendants had worked as lounge or dining car waiters before Amtrak.

     As always, thank you.

Date: 01/13/21 10:43
Re: Getting ready for departure
Author: UP951West

An interesting , historic slide of better Amtrak days. Lone Star was a fine train . Thanks, Gary.  --Kelly

Date: 01/13/21 11:54
Re: Getting ready for departure
Author: texchief1

I rode the Lone Star over 50 times from Temple, TX to Newton KS  even back when it was the Texas Chief.  I miss that train a bunch.

Nice shot, by the way.

RC Lundgren
Elgin,, TX

Date: 01/13/21 15:09
Re: Getting ready for departure
Author: march_hare

Mmmmm, nice "slice of life" shot. 

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