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Nostalgia & History > Early BNSF in Louisiana

Date: 02/22/21 07:38
Early BNSF in Louisiana
Author: SPJoe

BNSF (H1) GP50 3184, BN B30-7AB 4042, BN B30-7AB 4076 at the BNSF Lafayette La Yard 90's. BN had over 100 of these B-units but, they were interesting power for South Louisiana at the time.

Date: 02/22/21 11:16
Re: Early BNSF in Louisiana
Author: Conch

BN at the time was into B units, whether purchased new like these or as wreck rebuilds. Didn't last.

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Date: 02/23/21 06:09
Re: Early BNSF in Louisiana
Author: RSD5

Didn't last?  I think they pretty much ran the wheels off of them!   In the mid 80's, it seemed like every train had two 40-2's and a B unit for power.  I suspect they were returned to the lessor when the 15 year lease expired.


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