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Date: 02/22/21 13:58
MKT Monday
Author: jgilmore

Came across some fairly decent prints from the Katy:

1) SB loaded La Grange (yeah, the ZZ Top one) coal train with mixed power near Atoka, OK, in 1988.
2) Daily NB OKT manifest is pulling up the old RI just off downtown FW in 1987 with a  motley consist.
3) Katy's hottest schedule, #103 SB with priority freight for Houston, has rambled past T55 (in the background) and briefly stopped in Fort Worth in 1986.


Date: 02/22/21 16:48
Re: MKT Monday
Author: tomstp

T55 sure was a lot of fun back then.

Date: 02/22/21 17:24
Re: MKT Monday
Author: Conch

Interesting group. You can see the yellow tentacles spreading already.

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Date: 02/22/21 21:32
Re: MKT Monday
Author: jgilmore

tomstp Wrote:
> T55 sure was a lot of fun back then.

It sure was, with no hassles, and always something moving...

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Date: 02/23/21 06:57
Re: MKT Monday
Author: SP8595

Neat series and neat consists!

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