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Date: 04/22/21 04:06
Timetable Thursday: NYC 1965
Author: bandob

The system timetable featured the railroad's "Sleepercoaches." The Central had 10 of these cars, converted from 22 Roomette sleeping cars.


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Date: 04/22/21 06:33
Re: Timetable Thursday: NYC 1965
Author: mvrr10

The first Sleepercoaches the Central had were four  24&8  cars built new by the Budd Company and leased to the New York Central from  1959 to 1964,numbered NYC 10800 to 10803  and used on the 20th CENTURY LTD and New England States trains. Very pleased with the first four cars the NYC  had Budd rebuild ten 22 roomette sleepers into 16&10 Sleepercoaches numbered NYC 10810 to 10819. The 10810  to 10819 served NYC,PC,Amtrak from the early 1960's tilll the mid 1990's. Amtrak even restored the car  names following a visit to Beech Grove. [three cars left the roster in 1968,anyone know more]..  The cars on the NYC October 1965 cover are a  pair of the first group,10800 to 10803,that had departed a year earlier for service on the North Coast Ltd and eventually to Amtrak service. Great image from the Central.

Date: 04/22/21 07:50
Re: Timetable Thursday: NYC 1965
Author: kurtarmbruster

Lovely artwork, even in decline.

Date: 04/22/21 09:35
Re: Timetable Thursday: NYC 1965
Author: bandob

Thanks for the added information! I did not know the NYC also had 24-8's.


Date: 04/24/21 10:04
Re: Timetable Thursday: NYC 1965
Author: sfbrkmn

Actually have this issue in the collection

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