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Nostalgia & History > SP 7328 at Ostrom 1991

Date: 09/11/21 09:54
SP 7328 at Ostrom 1991
Author: gonx

SP 7328 West at Ostrom siding, a few miles south of Marysville CA. April 1991

It was becoming more difficult to see a proper marker on the rear end as cabooseless trains were the norm.

Definitely worth getting on Hwy 65 and driving like mad to get ahead of it for another shot.



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Date: 09/11/21 10:49
Re: SP 7328 at Ostrom 1991
Author: TCnR

Interesting mix of cars, great audio of run-8.

Date: 09/11/21 14:03
Re: SP 7328 at Ostrom 1991
Author: zr1rob

Thanks for letting us look back with you!

Date: 09/11/21 15:02
Re: SP 7328 at Ostrom 1991
Author: sphogger

Interesting look back.  2 units - I bet they set one out at Red Bank as Jan Austin chronicled in an earlier thread.  I only caught one centerbeam flat on the rear.  Looked like the rest were either standard flat cars or bulkhead flats.  Nice High Cube box car too. Anyone's guess as to what years these trains had to weigh at Berg.   The MERVY didn't have to because we weighed it before we got to Black Butte on the Siskiyou Line.


Date: 09/11/21 17:34
Re: SP 7328 at Ostrom 1991
Author: CM1

And a caboose too.

Date: 09/12/21 12:07
Re: SP 7328 at Ostrom 1991
Author: gonx

I had a neighbor who worked as a brakeman on the West Valley before he retired through a buyout. He always mentioned the rumor that SP wanted to move the weigh in motion scale at Berg to Gerber or Rawson-Red Bank area.

I seem to recall that most SP westbounds would try to argue (unsuccessfully) against weighing their trains at Berg because it would require a long back up, a long walk to the head end or leaving the switches "open" for the scale track. Sometimes there would be a "request" for a following westbound (or an eastbound) to stop at Berg and reline the switches so the dispatcher could have the siding back for regular use.

Somewhere, I got some video of a train getting weighed at Berg. I think I even got the SC illuminator that would light up at the east switch as well as the "blinking-solid" whie lights that repeated train speed. I don't remember what the top speed of getting weighed, was it 8 mph? I would have to get out the timetable and look up the special instrunctions.

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