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Date: 10/13/21 20:07
One stop to go
Author: photobob

SP train 98, the "Coast Daylight" unloads passengers in the Summer of 1960 at Glendale on its all day run from San Francisco.. The end of the line is Los Angeles a few more miles down the road.

Robert Morris
Dunsmuir, CA
Robert Morris Photography

Date: 10/13/21 20:11
Re: One stop to go
Author: eljay

Beyond awesome! Thanks for sharing, Photobob.

Date: 10/13/21 21:57
Re: One stop to go
Author: weather


Date: 10/14/21 07:37
Re: One stop to go
Author: retcsxcfm

I always liked the way the stripes ran
down to the pilot.
Some pictures of Glendale have the palm
trees in the background.A land mark
for the city.

Uncle Joe

Date: 10/14/21 08:37
Re: One stop to go
Author: texchief1

Great shot, Bob!

RC Lundgren

Date: 10/14/21 09:27
Re: One stop to go
Author: Notch7

A beautiful low level pose that made those engines look even mightier.

Date: 10/14/21 12:42
Re: One stop to go
Author: Goatboat

Fireman Methuselah appears to be looking for the highball. Helluva photo, Bob.

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