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Nostalgia & History > Reno uptown, downtown

Date: 01/14/22 14:12
Reno uptown, downtown
Author: Copy19

One of my favorite places to hunt trains in Reno was on the westside of town on the big S curve below the Mountain View Cemetery.   I wasn't east shooting there as there wasn't parking near the curve and you had to hike in on the right-of-way.  You had to stand pretty close to the track and if you got sprayed from one of the passenger cars you hoped it was gray water from the diner.   I'm not sure of the ID on this train whether it' was Amtrak's San Francisco Zephyr or the Reno Chamber of Commerce Fun Train.  My brother-in-law was one of the movers and shakers on Fun Train but I never rode it. 

I shot the eastbound freight train in front of the passenger station crossing Lake Street on June 2, 1972.  The Overland Hotel in the background on Commercial Row was a landmark from Old Reno.  The depot is one of the few things remaining that you would recognize today.

JB - Omaha

Date: 01/14/22 14:17
Re: Reno
Author: timz

The passenger must be 101 or 5 --
the Fun Train never got coaches like that.

Date: 01/14/22 14:37
Re: Reno
Author: JanGAustin

Nice images, particularly the 1st one. I still love going to Reno and catching trains going through downtown.

Jan Austin
Chico, CA
Photography by Jan G. Austin

Date: 01/15/22 10:56
Re: Reno
Author: CPCoyote

timz Wrote:
> The passenger must be 101 or 5 --
> the Fun Train never got coaches like that.

I agree.

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