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Date: 01/14/22 14:22
6 Historic Alaska Railroad Photos
Author: MartyBernard

These photos and captions are from Alaska's Digital Archives

1. Aerial view of Alaska Railroad trains and yards in Anchorage, Alaska, with Government Hill neighborhood pictured above railroad buildings and tracks, and antenna standing in right background. Nov. 9, 1960.

2. Alaska Railroad station. Fairbanks, Alaska. 1944

3. Alaska Railroad train and a crowd standing on the platform of the Anchorage, Alaska railway station. The crowd has come to meet the Matanuska Valley colonists arriving on the train, 1935

Date: 01/14/22 14:22
Re: 6 Historic Alaska Railroad Photos
Author: MartyBernard

4. Mrs. Wm. Green; Broad Pass; only woman telegraph operator in Alaska. 1923. 

5. View of Alaska Railroad station at Grandview, Alaska, at mile 45 of railroad. From verso Mile 45, Alaska Railway, circa 1925.

6. View of log buildings at Alaska Railroad station, Summit, Alaska, with railroad car on tracks in background. 1920's.

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