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Nostalgia & History > CB&Q 4000 and LaCrosse, WI

Date: 01/21/22 07:47
CB&Q 4000 and LaCrosse, WI
Author: sierrawestern

In May I will be headed north from Chicago to Minneapolis with a neighbor to assist his son with some work on his condo.  He tells me we will head up through LaCrosse and part of our trip will take us along the Mississippi and the Burlington tracks (where nature smiles for 300 miles) as my late father's 1960s Mobile Fidelity "Sunday Only" album proclaimed.  I know CB&Q 4000 is displayed in LaCrosse and want to stop to see it.  Photos I see on line show it missing the headlight and Mars light.  Is that still the case?  I see a stairway to the cab but is the cab accessible?  I guess my question is, is there anything to really "see" or is 4000 a stripped down, vandalized hunk of rusting junk at this point?
Thanks all,  

Date: 01/21/22 19:58
Re: CB&Q 4000 and LaCrosse, WI
Author: SD45X

Headlight removed to prevent theft and fenced . Not a hulk. 
Copeland Park. Also tower from Grand tower is there as well.

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