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Date: 05/13/22 18:57
A Fun Photo
Author: MartyBernard

As I have mentioned I'm scanning and posting slides donated to the Iowa Chapter of the National Railroad Historical Society. Some of the slides are excellent in subject, photographic technique, and caption. Others fail on all three counts and hundreds are not even railroad related. The hundreds of Union Pacific Locomotive slides I have been posting are of highest quality on all three counts.  

Here is a slide that falls quite short on all three counts. No captions except for the off brand processor's date of June 1958. I assume the photographer took photos of the train coming toward the bridge but I didn't find them. This is the turn-around shot after the steam engine went under the bridge. Cough. Cough.

With photo-editing I could lighten and sharpen it enough to see what was happening. It may have not been projectioniable.


See the third comment below.

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Date: 05/13/22 19:17
Re: A Fun Photo
Author: monaddave

Signal number 456.5, so a westbound train. The diesel appears to be an SP SD9 (headlight package). 

Date: 05/13/22 19:25
Re: A Fun Photo
Author: ns2557

Looks like a double header steam run. I see 2 steamers. And the diesel indeed looks like an SD9. Might make it a clue to someone who might recall that trip. Ben

Date: 05/13/22 19:31
Re: A Fun Photo
Author: railstiesballast

He is westbound on the SP at Tunnel Spur, just east of the Newhall Tunnel between San Fernando and Saugus, CA.
This was the SP's "Farewell to Steam" trip from LA to Saugus to Montalvo via the Santa Paula Branch then back to LA via the Coast (IIRC).
They sold out the 5 or 6 Comute cars and added a bunch more plus two GP-9s.  All the purists were aghast but a lot more people got to ride.
The location is the still standing overpass for the road to Palmdale, just east of where it intersected Highway 99.
The lead engine is a 4-6-0 that had been dressed up for movie work, it was eventually purchased by Gene Autry for his place near San Fernando.

Date: 05/13/22 21:29
Re: A Fun Photo
Author: Evan_Werkema

Probably the June 8, 1958 trip depicted in this old thread:


The power was dolled-up SP 4-6-0 #2248, cleaned up 2-6-0 #1765, and regular old black widow SD9 #5453.  The flyer is below courtesy the collection of TO user mundo.  Unfortunately, the ink from the front of the double-sided flyer bled through to the back rather badly.

Date: 05/13/22 22:45
Re: A Fun Photo
Author: railstiesballast

I stand corrected on the motive power.
If I had not been so hasty I could have included one of my very first train photos, here it is, the Glendale station stop.

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