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Date: 05/14/22 11:53
Older Amtrak
Author: FT

32 years ago the Pioneer sprints along the UP in Gresham, OR. Mt Hood makes a nice backdrop. Like a lot of folks, I can see this train
being worth reinstating. My shot. 2-25-90. That year we had a dry cold front give us great views for a few days in Feb,with bridge work on the interstate providing
good access, and a more open view.

412 - 313 - 264 at Alto (Altoona), PA Nice mix of paint and loco classes. 5/79  By Robert Robl

646 at Richmond, VA 10-14-76. I have never seen this type of "blue flag". It really seems a good idea, as crews  should not miss such an
in your face warnig.  Photo by Matt Herson

Keith A (ft)

Date: 05/14/22 12:27
Re: Older Amtrak
Author: CPMorris

The 2nd photo(Altoona) is #30, The National Limited (EB), less than 30 days
before its demise on 10-01-79.  A sad victim of the infamous "Carter Cutbacks."

Date: 05/14/22 12:51
Re: Older Amtrak
Author: refarkas

First-class photos - My favorite is Amtrak 412 in Altoona, Pennsylvania.

Date: 05/14/22 13:28
Re: Older Amtrak
Author: RuleG

CPMorris Wrote:
> The 2nd photo(Altoona) is #30, The National
> Limited (EB), less than 30 days
> before its demise on 10-01-79.

The OP's date for the image is 5/79.  That's a lot more than 30 days before Oct 1, 1979.

Date: 05/14/22 13:40
Re: Older Amtrak
Author: FT

Sorry, I put 9 instead of 5 for the month on the scan of the 414.


Date: 05/14/22 14:00
Re: Older Amtrak
Author: CPMorris

RULE G -  Take another look at the photo, bottom left -
It clearly states "9-79"  Now, is it 9-79 or 5-79? If it's 5-79,
then yes, it would be 4 months before The National was discontinued.
Alright? Everything Ok today?  Damn!

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Date: 05/14/22 16:51
Re: Older Amtrak
Author: ctillnc

At that time of day, I'm thinking 646 is on the point of train 81, the southbound Silver Star.

Date: 05/15/22 14:03
Re: Older Amtrak
Author: texchief1

Nice shots!

Elgin, TX

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