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Date: 06/22/22 17:48
Santa Fe Location Help RDC's and more
Author: NB1001

I am continuing in my quest to attach locations to slides in my friend's slide collection. Help would be appreciated.
The two shots of DC192 were both taken in 1967 (I couldn't read the faint month on the process date of the slides.)  The Donald Duke RDC book indicates that in 1967, the RDC's ran on a route in New Mexico. A little bit of the station is showing in the second view.
The Baldwin with four Santa Fe PA's is in a wide open setting although the lashup suggests some kind switching move at a station. The road bridge is the predominate landmark in the shot.

Date: 06/22/22 18:14
Re: Santa Fe Location Help RDC's and more
Author: refarkas

Your friend took some great photos. Photo three is truly unusual.

Date: 06/22/22 18:52
Re: Santa Fe Location Help RDC's and more
Author: eljay

I'll guess Clovis, NM. The bridge in pic 3 might be Hull St.

Date: 06/22/22 18:59
Re: Santa Fe Location Help RDC's and more
Author: santafe199

Image #2: I'm guessing Evan will be able to ID this shot. But I find it a bit strange that the photographer seemingly cut as much of the depot OUT of the shot as possible. Otherwise it's a terrific shot...


Date: 06/22/22 23:15
Re: Santa Fe Location Help RDC's and more
Author: Evan_Werkema

The RDC shots are both "going away" views of the eastbound El Pasoan heading toward Albuquerque, NM.  The first one is departing Belen, NM at the Ross Ave. grade crossing just east of the junction with the line to Dalies.  edsaalig posted a whereizit with the RDC's at the same spot in this old thread.  The same green "resume speed" sign and single-arm utility pole are visible, but the photographer pointed the camera just far enough further to the left to see the main to Dalies.  Given the identical weeds in the foreground, I'd guess the same guy (Jim Scott) took these as well, or was standing next to the guy who did:


The second photo shows the RDC's stopped at the depot at Los Lunas, NM. 

The third is the westbound San Francisco Chief at Belen, NM.  The train is presumably switching out some head-end cars, hence the switcher tied on to the road power.  The overpass is Reinken Ave.

Date: 06/23/22 08:34
Re: Santa Fe Location Help RDC's and more
Author: millerdc

#3 most likely Clovis, NM.  This is where the the San Francisco Chief and California Special (out of Dallas & Houston) were combined.

Date: 06/23/22 09:45
Re: Santa Fe Belen
Author: timz

Cutting out a head end car at Belen ...
to be switched to #7 or #3 or some such?

Date: 06/23/22 13:58
Re: Santa Fe Belen
Author: NB1001

thanks everyone for your input.

Date: 06/23/22 15:25
Re: Santa Fe Location Help RDC Jim Scott
Author: NB1001

Evan identified the photographer as being Jim Scott. My friend whose slides I am posting mentioned the name Jim Scott as the likely photographer. Apparantly, Jim gave slides to my friend. I am unfamiliar witht the name Jim Scott. Is he known in the railfan community?

Date: 06/23/22 23:14
Re: Santa Fe Location Help RDC's and more
Author: Evan_Werkema

millerdc Wrote:

> #3 most likely Clovis, NM. 

#3 is NOT Clovis, NM.  The Hull St. overpass is nearly a mile west of the Clovis depot and spans eleven tracks, with the main lines all the way on the north side.  There isn't room under the overpass in the photo for eleven tracks, and why would the switcher have dragged the San Francisco Chief's head end a mile west and switched it all the way to the southernmost track in the yard?  Also, as you can see in the second and third photos in this old thread, which show what Hull St. in Clovis looked like from ground level on the south side in 1967, some portion of the wye for the Roswell District would have been visible in the foreground:


Reinken Ave. in Belen was around 500 feet from the Belen depot and only spanned four tracks, which is more in line with what we can see in the photo.  And that metal building with the distinctive roofline behind the Baldwin switcher?  You won't find a photo of a building anything like that on the north side of the Santa Fe west of Hull St. in Clovis, because that particular building happened to stand east of the tracks north of Reinken Ave. in Belen:


Date: 06/24/22 21:13
Re: Santa Fe Location Help RDC's and more
Author: Evan_Werkema

...and for what it's worth, Trainorders.com user NKP715 (ex-NS1703) posted another shot of the train in photo 3 this old thread:


The location is given as Belen, NM and the date as March 11, 1967.

He also previously posted photo #2 of the RDC's, identifying the location as Los Lunas, NM and the date as March 12, 1967:


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