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Date: 06/23/22 07:55
Railroad Street
Author: ETFuller

In towns and cities large and small, the presence of a Railroad Street signified the important connection to the larger world made possible by the railroad. In words and photographs, Eric Williams contemplates the history still visible along Railroad Streets in more than two dozen communities across the country.


Edd Fuller, Editor
The Trackside Photographer

Date: 06/23/22 08:08
Re: Railroad Street
Author: wp1801

There is a Railroad street in Albany, Oregon which hasn't  had rails for 100 years.  I have never seen or heard of a photo of a train on that track.

Date: 06/23/22 08:58
Re: Railroad Street
Author: robj

Large number of scenes, worth a look.


Date: 06/23/22 09:57
Re: Railroad Street
Author: Ritzville

Wehave a Railroad Ave. in Ritzville, WA running by the old NP Depot,


Date: 06/23/22 10:01
Re: Railroad Street
Author: jcaestecker

Thank you Edd,

That was quite an enjoyable read.


Date: 06/23/22 17:51
Re: Railroad Street
Author: patd3985

There's also a Railroad Ave. in Shelton,WA. with no tracks or trains in many moons!

Date: 06/23/22 20:40
Re: Railroad Street
Author: callum_out

My hair cutter is on Railroad Street in KIngman.


Date: 06/23/22 22:18
Re: Railroad Street
Author: roustabout

Shedd, Oregon, has a Railroad Street.  As a matter of fact, I live off it, B Street & Railroad.  Just look for the UP MP 679.

Date: 06/24/22 09:08
Re: Railroad Street
Author: Beowawe

Gee, I wonder if there is a Rail road somewhere?😉

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