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Date: 09/21/22 12:26
KCS Memory
Author: Mr-Beechcroft

Scanned from a dupe slide, location unknown.


Date: 09/21/22 12:45
Re: KCS Memory
Author: refarkas

First-class image and scan.

Date: 09/21/22 16:41
Re: KCS Memory
Author: fr8kar

I always enjoy seeing KCS in white.

Date: 09/21/22 20:29
Re: KCS Memory
Author: koloradokid

Highly insinuating as Hevener, OK, but could be a lot of places on the KCS.

If only the KCS had beleived in cab numbers you could read from more than ten feet away!!


Date: 09/21/22 22:22
Re: KCS Memory
Author: DynamicBrake

I've always loved that paint scheme.  KCS are my son's initials, so there's a special meaning there.  Thanks for sharing.

Kent in CArmel Valley

Date: 09/22/22 05:56
Re: KCS Memory
Author: 3rdswitch

Really nice image.

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