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Nostalgia & History > WNYP OL-2 departing Eldred, PA

Date: 01/15/23 22:13
WNYP OL-2 departing Eldred, PA
Author: ssloansjca

Western New York and Pennsylvania (WNYP) M636 685 leads 630, 637 and 638 on Wednesday July 3, 2019, in Eldred, PA.

WNYP 685 is a MLW M636. Reportedly: WNYP 685 was built in 1975 by MLW as a model M636, QCM 85, builders number M6085-0. Numbers and reporting marks reported as assigned to this locomotive include: NYSW 3674, QCM 85, RRPX 85, WNYP 685.

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