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Date: 01/24/23 21:36
Cadiz Calif
Author: rattenne

CADIZ Calif.Santa Fe SD45u 5313 East passes through Cadiz Calif in the heart of the Mojave Desert on December 29, 1985.

 27 years later I would be back at Cadiz on board the Grand Canyon Limited as a car host on the special all-private car trip between LA and the Grand Canyon with ATSF 3751 for power. First day out we stopped at Cadiz to allow 3751 to get a drink before backing up and proceeding south on the Arizona & California where we would tie up at Parker AZ. Before that could happen, though, the A&C freight in the distance had to attain the BNSF so we could proceed.

Date: 01/25/23 08:37
Re: Cadiz Calif
Author: jcaestecker

Hey there Ken,

Perhaps you were on SILVER SPLENDOR in the lower photo?


Date: 01/25/23 12:01
Re: Cadiz Calif
Author: rattenne

Yes I was.

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