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Nostalgia & History > Baltimore Streetcars were loved by the public

Date: 03/19/23 04:07
Baltimore Streetcars were loved by the public
Author: ClubCar

As history has shown, the Baltimore riding public overall loved the streetcars.  Unfortunately, after the National City Lines Bus Company purchased the Baltimore Transit Company around 1947, the streetcars were doomed.  The public had no say as this new owner was pro-bus all the way because they were owned jointly by Shell Oil Company, Firestone Tire Company, and General Motors Corporation.  However, as streetcar lines were being converted, the public continued to protest, especially because the transit company had a good size fleet of modern PCC streetcars which were quiet, comfortable to ride on, operated on a lot of private right-of-ways, and were not very old when they were sent to the junk yards.  But to no avail, the transit riders had no say.  When the last two streetcar lines were converted to bus operation on November 3, 1963, most of these PCC Cars were under 25 years old, with some less than 19 years old.  Many of the buses that replaced them were even older vehicles.  The two photos are of cars on the number 8 line which was one of the last two streetcar lines in Baltimore, #7109 in the York Road Car Barn and #7110 at the Catonsville Loop. Even though both cars show a few dents, they were still in great mechanical shape overall and definitely could have served for many more years.  Photos in my collection.
John in White Marsh, Maryland

Date: 03/19/23 09:11
Re: Baltimore Streetcars were loved by the public
Author: Ritzville

Nice looking PCC's, What a shame Balitmore ogt rid of them over the public protest, but thst was the aim of the National City Lines over the whole US.


Date: 03/19/23 09:27
Re: Baltimore Streetcars were loved by the public
Author: refarkas

What sad losses! Your photos show the great shape they were in.

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