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Date: 05/25/23 03:57
Obscure locations: Faith, South Dakota
Author: tolland

Here is another photo from the collection of the South Dakota Historical Society. I have been studying Milwaukee Road depots in various locations in South Dakota. Faith was the west terminus of a branch line that traversed several Native American reservations. There was a stockyard here and this beautiful Milwaukee Road depot. I don't know if this depot is still standing or not. Obviously, it was not a location of high traffic for the Milwaukee. The information on the photo does not give a date for the photo. 

Jim Burrill
Belle Fourche, SD.

Date: 05/25/23 08:02
Re: Obscure locations: Faith, South Dakota
Author: monaddave

tolland Wrote:
<<don't know if this depot is still standing or not  >>

Google street view says it is; at the Faith Information Center, a "city government office"... https://goo.gl/maps/pEb6RoL75VubdoXV7   An earth view (satellite) shows a building attached to the back of it.

Dave in MT

Date: 05/25/23 12:02
Re: Obscure locations: Faith, South Dakota
Author: billmeeker

Thanks for posting this photo of such an obscure location on the MILW.  As you said, Faith was at the end of a long branch line that featured many bridges and curves, unlike other branchline in the area.  I have never seen photos of a train on this line.  Faith is known as the location of the famous "Sue" Tyrannosaurus Rex skeleton found nearby.

Date: 05/26/23 07:55
Re: Obscure locations: Faith, South Dakota
Author: RSD5

How was Faith reached?  Difficult to find much information .


Date: 05/26/23 21:32
Re: Obscure locations: Faith, South Dakota
Author: billmeeker

RSD5 Wrote:
> How was Faith reached?  Difficult to find much
> information .
> Dave

The branch left the east-west main just west of Mobridge SD.  You can follow it all the way to Faith (the line to Isabel split at Trail City) using Google satellite maps.

Date: 05/27/23 14:34
Re: Obscure locations: Faith, South Dakota
Author: XE-50W

View looked ESE from about 50 ft. W-of grade-crossing on S side of U.S.№ 212/1ST St. E in NE part of town (site platted-by Milwaukee Land Co. in 1910).  Agency closed c.1962, and original slide(?) taken about that time or w/in following decade.  Original depot was an ‟extended style-D” type that arrived-on a truss-rod flat w/first train from Eagle Butte (42½ mi.E/b) in early Jan., 1911 – this (2nd) ‟style C” depot appears to have been constructed c.1914.

Passenger service was originally a Mon-Sat ‟mixed” supplanted w/a #59XX-series Express-coach gas-electric ‟motor” c.1927, when then-CMStP&P’s ‟motors” were converted-to diesel-electrics.  Latter ran-as №’s 405 Tue-Thu-Sat, and 406 Mon-Wed-Fri trailing a rib-sided RPO-Express-coach ‟branchline combine” w/the ‟mixed” №’s 205 Mon-Wed-Fri, and 206 Tue-Thu-Sat.  The ‟motor” last ran in late Jan., 1949. and was the last-such used in scheduled passenger service operated-on ‟Lines West” (of Mobridge).  However, that ‟mixed” service continued w/passengers allowed to ride in the caboose into early 1955, when №’s 17 & 18 coach-only remnants of the ‟Columbian” were cut-back from Marmarth, ND to Aberdeen.

Both grain and livestock (stockyards were ¼ mi.E/b from depot) were shipped-out, w/a considerable amount of wool as-well.  A double warehouse for latter once stood W-of and across the tracks from the depot along S side of highway/1st St. E.  Line abandoned-from Trail City (originally Cheyenne Jct., 106.1 mi.) in late 1978, w/tracks removed starting-in April of following year.  Existing ‟Information Center” structure’s relocated some 300 ft. N across the highway/1st St. E, and rotated about 140° CCW w/30±ft. added to end seen above.

Preceding information from MILW In Dakota by R.W. Mills, Battle Creek Pub.©1998 (has several historic b&w photos of RR, plus color shot of depot from the E in Faith), One Hundred Ghosts by B. Hatfield, Arrowhead Models ©2022 (ref.p.310, although it’s primarily about the 1910-1979 55 mi. Isabel branch from Moreau Jct. to the N), and PNR MILW employee timetable collection (ref. https://research.milwelectric.org/Employee_Timetables/Forms/AllItems.aspx).  Also, an ‟all-time/maximum system” RR map of South Dakota originally published-by that state’s Transportation Dept. as part-of their 1989 statehood Centennial event is available ‟on-line” (ref. http://aberdeenareahistory.org/files/fullsize/bcab530c74ef98e29da5804430ccace0.jpg).

Date: 07/21/23 15:54
Re: Obscure locations: Faith, South Dakota
Author: rhburn3

Question for the group:   My college  girlfriend's mother was born in Dupree, SD, in 1910.   In 1928, her parents sent her to Clarke College, a Catholics Girls School,  Dubuque, IA.   Roads were primitive that area in 1928.  In my 1926 Official Guide, she would have left Dupree (3 stations east of Faith) at 10:50 am on Mixed Train 218 on the Milwaukee Road.  That train was scheduled into Mobridge, SD at 6:30 pm, but how often did a mixed train arrive on time.  My guess that she, (she probably also had a chaperone, mother, or nun with her) spent the night in a rooming house.   The next day, they would have Mobridge at 9:30 Central Time on the "Olympian" for St. Paul arriving at 9:20 pm.  

Tight Connections were normal in 1926 and the could have left St. Paul at 9:30 pm on the "North Coast Limited" on the Burlington to  East Dubuque arriving at 4:08 am.   The shuttle train over the Mississippi River bridge left at 4:15 am and would get into Dubuque at 4:25 am.   Any thoughts on this comment.

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