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Date: 05/25/23 06:46
Cool but the moon is shining.
Author: flynn

Page 655 Sunday, March 19th, 1922
12:25 am.  Wtr fierce.  Roberts calling his head off on the wire.  Phone out of order so here goes.  A 31 order for No. 3.  First order I ever copied in my life off of the wire.  Very well.  Broke three times and had to ask the number.  No. 3 stopped for psgrs.  A biz nite.  Seven trains and an order for each and every one.  No. 4 gets stuck to make matters worse.  And oh, the order I delivered to him. No time to copy it over.  Ha.  All goes well.  Phone comes back in at 6:00 am.  Mr. Roberts very nicely speaks.  Had to be held on until 8:00 am for Work Extra.  A sweet day.  All ends well.  Simpson and I take a walk up by the church.  A few games of pool.  No. 2 comes and goes.  I retire. 
Page 656 Monday, March 20th, 1922
12:01 am.  Cool but the moon is shining.  A better day.  Surely appreciate the telephones use.  Two Extras on the back ground.  One approaches and must unload some stock acct of being down in car.  The other one at Americas comes over to BV and heads in for No. 3.  Ho, No. 3 stops for psgr but the psgr fails to appear.  The Extra East starts out of town but has hard luck - for forty mins work below station - sliding wheel.  Extra West leaves at 2:30 am.  All quite until No. 4.  A swell Jane gets off train.  No. 15 does not stir much excitement.  8:00 am  Melvin in good humor.  So guess Simpson and I will take a stroll.  No. 2 arrives at 11:47.  Looking to see what we could see.  Ha.
Page 657 Tuesday, March 21st, 1922
12:01 am.  News of Doc going to work "guess" this is my last trick in BV.  Wtr delicious.  No. 3 on time.  Wait min until hang the mail.  Marshal and Simpson in good humor also Mr Roberts.  Gee, I hate to leave here.  Everyone seems so good.  A letter on No. 16 for me. "Horray".  A few pros for the finish.  No. 15 brings some parcel post.  All ends at 8:00 am but must return to depot after breakfast.  Squared up with Mr. Bay and came to depot.  The abstract finished.  No. 2 and who was leaving on it.  To dinner at hotel.  Waiting for No. 1 to see if my pass comes.  Met a gentleman at the depot.  We take a stroll over on the Old Midland railroad.  Back in time for No. 1.  My pass came.  All set.  To bed.  5:30pm
Page 658 Wednesday, March 22nd, 1922
12:01 am.  In bed asleep in No. 22 of the Princeton Hotel at BV.  Called at 4:35 am.  Gee, guess I better hurry to catch No. 15.  No time to waste for No. 15 at depot when we arrived.  All set to move.  "Goodby Mr. Marshal and Mr. Hunt."  Surely did enjoy the ride.  The sun came out "brite" at 6:25 am.  Watched for Betty at Red Cliff but failed to see her.  Stepped off train at Minturn to see Dustin.  Saw Mr. Shumon.  No. 15 on time into RU.  Gee, feels great to be home.  Better stay for dinner so I went to the kitchen.  Everything goes nicely.  Mrs. Merril calls at station to tell us of a card party at Mrs. Peale's at 8:00 pm.  "I will go."  Mr. Kelly arrives on No. 16.  A swell lunch plus some booze.  Jack departs for the party. 
Pictures of Hanging Bridge
Picture 1, Call Number: CHS.J368.  Credit: Contact History Colorado for credit line to use with this item.  Title: The Royal Gorge at the bridge down.  Creator(s): Jackson, William Henry, 1843-1942.  Summary: A Denver & Rio Grande locomotive and passenger cars stop near the hanging bridge in the Royal Gorge, Fremont County, Colorado. Crew members and passengers sit on rocks near the Arkansas River.  Date: [between 1882 and 1900?]. 

Picture 2, Call Number: GB-5993.  Credit: Denver Public Library.  Title: Royal Gorge eastbound passenger train with two locomotives, no. 777, on front, and passengers at Hanging Bridge.  Creator: Beam, George L. (George Lytle), 1868-1935.  Date: [1926-1930?].  Summary: Well dressed men, women and children pose by Denver & Rio Grande Western Railroad Locomotive number 777 and passenger train at Hanging Bridge, Royal Gorge of the Arkansas River, Fremont County, Colorado.  Format of Original Material: 1 photonegative : nitrate ; 20 x 25 cm (8 x 10 in.).  Original Material Found in Collection: James Ozment collection of George Beam photographs. 

Picture 3, Call Number: MCC-3131.  Credit: Denver Public Library.  Title: Royal Gorge.  Creator: McClure, Louis Charles, 1867-1957.  Date: [1927-1931?].  Summary: Royal Gorge, granite canyon of the Arkansas River, Fremont County, Colorado; Denver and Rio Grande Western Railroad narrow gauge passenger train runs along river; hanging suspension bridge in distance above river; hand drawn toll bridge at top of canyon.  Format of Original Material: 1 copy negative ; 9 x 11 cm (3 1/2 x 4 1/4 in.); 1 photonegative : nitrate ; 19 x 24 cm (7 1/2 x 9 1/2 in.); 1 photoprint ; 19 x 24 cm (7 1/2 x 9 1/2 in.).  Original Material Found in Collection: WH2300. Louis Charles McClure papers. 

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