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Date: 05/25/23 11:27
Uncommon power
Author: thebluecomet

The CNJ owned several Alco RSD-4 units and they were used exclusively in Pennsylvania.  Once in a while, probably for shop or inspection reasons, they would head east to the Elizabethport shops.  Here is an eastbound train passing through High Bridge NJ in September 1967.  From a duplicate slide, photographer not noted.

Date: 05/25/23 12:28
Re: Uncommon power
Author: E25

The early RSDs were very cool looking (...and sounding) machines.  I only got to see them in regular service on the Utah Railway out west.  Thanks for the look back.

Greg Stadter
Phoenix, AZ

Date: 05/25/23 12:44
Re: Uncommon power
Author: refarkas

Great catch from an unknown photographer.

Date: 05/25/23 15:36
Re: Uncommon power
Author: GN599

I read somewhere they were "bought to tame Penobscot Mountain and tame it they did!"

Date: 05/26/23 14:15
Re: Uncommon power
Author: vjb4877

I saw one on a Saturday morning in Elizabeth, NJ in the mid 60s - must have been on its way to Elizabethport. The next and only time I ever saw one was in Provo, Utah sitting on a siding about the time they were on their way out! 

Date: 05/27/23 17:22
Re: Uncommon power
Author: Gonut1

I saw them on the Cement Belt, former L&NE.

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