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Date: 05/25/23 12:31
Ed Treesh Photo
Author: refarkas

(Redo) It was the later 1950's (Slide processed October 1958) when Ed Treesh took this photo of a railbus or a passenger car with a cowcatcher and with a railbus partially outside the slide's image. The box listed the Buffalo Creek and Gauley Railroad and Ridgewood, West Virginia if that is any help.
Update: Thanks to Don Marenzi for clarification. That looks like Cherry River Boom and Lumber Company #4 probably in Richwood, West Virginia. My guess is that Ed misspelled Richwood as Ridgewood.

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Date: 05/25/23 13:01
Re: Ed Treesh Photo
Author: HotWater

I spent a lot of time on the BC&G in the early to mid 1960s, and don't remember any location such as that.

Date: 05/26/23 09:21
Re: Ed Treesh Photo
Author: west

I think it is Cherry River Boom and Lumber Company, which had that style of railbus.

Don Marenzi

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