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Date: 09/18/23 11:01
B&O 4441
Author: refarkas

B&O 4441 is awaiting a crew at the west end of Chessie System's Warwick Yard in Warwick, Ohio in late 1983.

Date: 09/18/23 11:06
Re: B&O 4441
Author: texchief1

Making my day, Bob!


Date: 09/18/23 23:13
Re: B&O 4441
Author: MacBeau

That single blue sure stands out, nice one.

Date: 09/18/23 23:45
Re: B&O 4441
Author: Railfan4Christ

Very nice shot!


Date: 09/19/23 04:28
Re: B&O 4441
Author: WM1977

Common power lashups when I worked for B&O during that time period. Brings back memories that sometimes seem like yesterday. Of course you could really mix it up with a WM unit. One of my favorite trips was when we had the B&O 3767 and caboose C3767 for our train, took a couple of visuals by the tower operators to believe what we were telling them, and yes they were both still painted blue.

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