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Nostalgia & History > Signal Sunday.

Date: 02/11/24 07:02
Signal Sunday.
Author: hank

In a view from my office.  Signals and crossover plant on the BNSF Chillicothe sub at Stronghurst, Illinois MP 208.9 as an eastbound takes the crossover from main one to main two track.

Thanks for looking.

Ron Hirsch
Springfield, Mo.

Date: 02/11/24 07:24
Re: Signal Sunday.
Author: texchief1

Great shot, Ron!  Hope you have more from your office.


Date: 02/11/24 09:33
Re: Signal Sunday.
Author: Ritzville

NICE office shot!!


Date: 02/11/24 11:43
Re: Signal Sunday.
Author: sp3204

My office in the RH seat looks just like your office!

Date: 02/11/24 13:04
Re: Signal Sunday.
Author: ntharalson

Great look back, Hank, thanks for posting.  The cantelever's are long gone but the old depot is still thre.  Well, at least it was in 2021, the last time I was there.

Nick Tharalson,
Mrion, IA

Date: 02/11/24 14:16
Re: Signal Sunday.
Author: refarkas

Well-composed image.

Date: 02/11/24 15:56
Re: Signal Sunday.
Author: robj

Great signal view.


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