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Date: 02/27/24 09:11
Tunnel Motor Tuesday
Author: swaool

An EUOGY eastbound on the Modoc Sub at MP 495 near Hackamore (CA), about halfway between Perez and Ambrose sidings.  At Ambrose, the three trailing units will be positioned back in the train as remotely controlled helpers for the 2.0% descent to Canby and the climb up through the Likely Loops to Sage Hen.  The GP9 will be set off in Alturas for the Lakeview job.  Slide mount says DEC 83.

mike woodruff
anacortes wa

Date: 02/27/24 09:49
Re: Tunnel Motor Tuesday
Author: Ritzville

Very NICE!!


Date: 02/27/24 09:55
Re: Tunnel Motor Tuesday
Author: rbenko

Sweet Mike!

Date: 02/27/24 10:17
Re: Tunnel Motor Tuesday
Author: TCnR

Yes, very nice. Good catch.
Sure miss that kind of action.

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