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Date: 04/02/24 15:29
Trains and Towers, 1978
Author: Guitartrain

1. Amtrak GG1s-4930 & 915 are not wasting any time as they roar past Nassau Tower with S/B long distance train 83, the Silver Meteor. Next stop is Trenton, nine miles ahead. 4:05PM on 7/2/78 in Princeton Junction, NJ.

2. In this view looking south from the Northern Central line bridge over Market Street, Conrail GP38-7805 has come out of Harrisburg on the Cumberland Valley Branch and is passing Lemo ( or "J" ) Tower. An excellent article about "J" Tower, by Ken Murray, appeared in the Autumn 1997 issue of the PRR TH&S publication The Keystone, Volume 30, number 3. Lemo has been restored as "J" and now resides in Strasburg, PA on the Strasburg Railroad. 7:05PM on 9-17-78 in Lemoyne, PA..

3. Two freshly outshopped Winchester & Western ALCO MRS1s (2098 & 2112) are being shoved into Chessie System's Bay View yard at Monument Street. BA Tower was still fully in use at the time. 1:00PM on 12/29/78 in East Baltimore, MD.

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Date: 04/02/24 16:06
Re: Trains and Towers, 1978
Author: ClubCar

All nice photos Bill, Thanks for sharing them with all of us.
John in White Marsh, Maryland

Date: 04/02/24 16:10
Re: Trains and Towers, 1978
Author: texchief1

Very nice, Bill!  Love the first image.


Date: 04/02/24 17:28
Re: Trains and Towers, 1978
Author: stevelv

That shot at Lemo tower is awesome Bill.  And the first shot is great memories of the LD Amtrak trains on the corridor when I was dumb teenager not appreciating that this stuff would not last for ever.  What a huge contrast to the paltry Florida trains Amtrak runs today. 

Date: 04/05/24 03:35
Re: Trains and Towers, 1978
Author: WM_1109

stevelv Wrote:
> That shot at Lemo tower is awesome Bill.  

Agreed. Compositionally, that Lemo Tower shot is killer.

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