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Date: 04/02/24 17:29
GM&O Alcos 1967
Author: tonymarchiando

GM&O (Gulf Mobile & Ohio Railroad) in Centralia, MO.   October 21, 1967

Date: 04/02/24 18:27
Re: GM&O Alcos 1967
Author: MEKoch

Wow.  Very nice shot.  Old paint scheme.  The Alcos and F units kept this quiet branch of the GM&O thru Mexico and Higginsville, MO to KCMO in business.  

Date: 04/02/24 19:08
Re: GM&O Alcos 1967
Author: santafe199

Cool shot! And sorta familiar. Back in 2013 I did an extensive, 4-part series of the GM&O between Kansas City & Mexico, MO. It was all Gibson Collection photography, and it was a blast to edit and write up. Do a TO search over my screen name for "Motoring across Missouri" and it should get you all 4 parts. Lots of motorcar action to be seen...


Date: 04/02/24 19:54
Re: GM&O Alcos 1967
Author: MILW16

Nice photo Tony.

Date: 04/02/24 20:11
Re: GM&O Alcos 1967
Author: Gonut1

Great photo. A reiteration of a very recent post below. I miss all the locos of the late 40's and 50's. So much more interesting that today's functional building block locos. Yawn!!!

Date: 04/04/24 08:38
Re: GM&O Alcos 1967
Author: Notch7

Most excellent vintage shot.  I love seeing the engineer on the ALCO with his rear door latched open.  The door catch was built into the side of the short hood.  Engineers had to be a little careful with the rear cab door latched open.  A hard coupling could unseat an unprepared engineer and send him through the open doorway.

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