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Date: 05/11/24 10:47
Saturday SP mix
Author: GreenFlag

The 9816 east is rounding the Tehachapi Loop on 9-27-95.
Cut-in is this three unit Rio Grande (or ex DRGW) SD50 helper set. I seem to remember that these were used a lot in helper service there around that time. They are quite dirty from all of the trips through the tunnels.
Third one, an SP train from Mojave, possibly still called the Mojave Flyer?, is descending Cajon Pass with soda ash cars behind on 8-17-96 on it's way to West Colton. 

Date: 05/11/24 10:54
Re: Saturday SP mix
Author: 3rdswitch

Great catches. Never saw thee 70Ms in one lashup.

Date: 05/11/24 11:14
Re: Saturday SP mix
Author: texchief1

Nice shots!  The first is my favorite.


Date: 05/11/24 12:13
Re: Saturday SP mix
Author: coach

One time I watched a brand new SD-70M stall right in front of me at the east switch at WALONG pulling the SWIFT trailer train.  1 unit, roaring like crazy, and it stalled.  I remember the engineer just tossing his arm up in the air when he saw me, as if saying "Oh well, I tried--time for more power."

And yes, those DRGW SD-50's were used alot back then for helper service--I saw them on many trains.

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Date: 05/11/24 13:37
Re: Saturday SP mix
Author: DynamicBrake

Nice looking SP trio.  Thanks for sharing the memory of better days.

Kent in CArmel Valley

Date: 05/12/24 08:54
Re: Saturday SP mix
Author: atsf121

Great stuff, those shots on the loop sure bring back memories.


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