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Date: 07/07/24 11:32
Author: MacBeau

Forced to use the siding at Walong due to rail replacement on the mainline, an eastbound climbs around Tehachapi Loop, circa 1992, when a no-two-the-same quartet of EMDs was not uncommon on the SP.
Be of good cheer,

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Date: 07/07/24 13:08
Re: Encircled
Author: jkh2cpu

That was sweet!  Thanks for the video.

Date: 07/07/24 21:45
Re: Encircled
Author: Ritzville

Very NICE and interesting SP video!


Date: 07/09/24 07:57
Re: Encircled
Author: tgcostello

Thanks Mac!  It is hard to imagine that four locs would struggle with a bare table train, but I guess that is Tehachapi in a nutshell.

Date: 07/09/24 09:16
Re: Encircled
Author: espee4ever

Outstanding video!

Date: 07/09/24 16:48
Re: Encircled
Author: ProAmtrak

Nice job, thing is back then, the variety of power made it a lot of fun to railfan!

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