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Date: 06/28/04 19:01
interesting Frisco facility
Author: 3rdswitch

Back in summer 1972, ATSF100WEST and I, took a sizable trip across the country. This neat little Frisco facility was located in Oklahoma City [I think?].

Date: 06/28/04 19:12
Re: interesting Frisco facility
Author: yardclerk

Yes, your picture was taken from the Byers street Overpass at the west end of the yard. Taken many a picture from this location myself.

Notice the FM switcher at the enginehouse. The Frisco kept 2 of them stationed at Okla City.

I had just started working for the Rock Island in Okla City at this time. Did you shoot any pix at the Rock Island's Harter Yard? It was about a 1/2 to 3/4's of a mile north of the Frisco.


Date: 06/28/04 19:13
Re: interesting Frisco facility
Author: fdfrisch

Definitely OKC. I lived there from 1985 - 1989.


Date: 06/28/04 19:54
Re: interesting Frisco facility
Author: emil_karpo

It's hard to imagine that sort of scene was once "ordinary".
Thanks for the image.

Date: 06/29/04 08:16
Re: interesting Frisco facility
Author: tomstp

It appears there is a F unit painted in the orange scheme. Never knew any of they got that scheme.

Date: 06/29/04 10:05
Re: interesting Frisco facility
Author: highgreengraphics

Look in 1992 BN Motive Power Annual, by R.C. Del Grosso (and my photo on the cover). On page 33 is a great Ed Kanak photo of a matched A-B-B-A-A set of mandarin-and-white various F's with at least one being an F-3, at Teed, MO on 3-18-72. I wasn't aware this was that commonplace until I saw this photo, either. I'd like a couple of F's painted this way in HO! -- -- -- -- -- -- JLH

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