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Date: 06/30/04 16:38
GPs & Smog
Author: MacBeau

Under a smog-defused sunset, which can turn the best axis light into a giant soft-box, a bicycle riding local takes in the idling power at Pomona, California. Assigned its number in the 1965 general renumbering, the 6595 arrived as the 7583, becoming the 6352 after a rebuilding in late 1979; a year after this photo was taken. Retired from the SP in 1993, it left the property for OmniTrax in 1995 reportedly becoming HBRY 2502.
Built as the 5614 in January 1955, the 3344 became the 3451 for the seven years between 1965 and its rebuilding in early 1972. Vacated from the roster in February 1988 to Southwest Car Parts, it was last reported at NRE Dixmoor, Illinois.
They made some nice noises switching cars later that evening.

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