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Nostalgia & History > SP on Tehachapi in '81

Date: 08/25/04 18:46
SP on Tehachapi in '81
Author: 3rdswitch

SP 7328 is leading an eastbound train up the Tehachapi grade about to enter tunnel #5, between Bealville and Cliff, CA.

Date: 08/25/04 19:03
Re: SP on Tehachapi in '81
Author: ProAmtrak

Nice pic man! I miss that SP, that was a railroad that put on a show!

Date: 08/25/04 19:34
Re: SP on Tehachapi in '81
Author: espeeboy

hey JB, that SP7328 leading in your shot is the last true active non-leased SP SD40R running around today - be it in speed lettering though. Good to see the 7328 in its previous untouched but grimy life - thanks for sharing...

Date: 08/26/04 00:46
Re: SP on Tehachapi in '81
Author: choochoocharlie

Another great Tehachapi shot......and yes, SP sure knew how to put on a good show. Do you happen to remember whether it had one or two sets of helpers, and how many units in the sets? Loved those "everything in the Bakersfield yard" trains with two big helper sets. Not like today with UP's El Cheapo 2 unit DPUs. SP usually used 3 to 7 unit helper sets and sometimes two helper sets in the longer, heavier trains. Thanks again for sharing...... C.C.Chas.

Date: 08/26/04 21:19
Re: the Helpers
Author: 3rdswitch

Since you asked, there was one helper set on this train, here it is/was.

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