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Nostalgia & History > Black Mesa & Lake Powell in 1978

Date: 12/29/04 09:49
Black Mesa & Lake Powell in 1978
Author: TonyJ

Black Mesa & Lake Powell electrics (and MK diesel) at Black Mesa, AZ on August 19, 1978. - Tony J.

Date: 12/29/04 12:14
Re: 3rd unit
Author: spdesertdog

You wouldn't happen to have a photo or know what the 3rd unit is, I can see a MK co. logo and that it appears to have GE/ALCO trucks under it?

Date: 12/29/04 16:54
Re: 3rd unit
Author: zephyrus

That's BM&LP's truly bizzare rebuilt U25B with EMD F7A innerds and MK's take on a wide nose, plus other assorted strangeness like bar stock grilles over the radiators.

An engine so ugly its cool!

Date: 12/29/04 17:55
Re: 3rd unit
Author: gobbl3gook

>>That's BM&LP's truly bizzare rebuilt U25B <<

Where is it now?

Ted in Davis

Date: 12/29/04 18:17
Re: 3rd unit
Author: TonyJ

I do have a photo of it that I'll scan later and post. It was numbered M-K 5301. - Tony J.

Date: 12/29/04 20:31
Re: 3rd unit - where now
Author: zephyrus

Still on BM&LP as far as I know. It was used in building the line and then retained for MOW and rescue service since it does not rely on overhead power.

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