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Date: 02/05/05 18:10
First BN GE Techno Toaster
Author: BNSFhogger

B32-8 5499 is leaving Skykomish in August, 1985. I liked the looks of these. I once made the mistake of putting one on the point of a consist I was building at Interbay Roundhouse. The foreman told me to "Get that piece of Sh** off the point!!!! The hogger will scream and holler about having to ride in that thing." Oh well, everyone can't enjoy a unique locomotive.

Date: 02/06/05 16:42
Re: First BN GE Techno Toaster
Author: tracktime

Cool stuff! As a railfan, these little lizards were my favorite BN GEs for many years. I recall a trip back in June of 1984, seeing two of these with two cabless B30-7As and a SD40-2 leading BN #23 going thru Berwyn, IL.

See here for the pic, courtesy of my ol' pal, Ron: =)



Date: 12/18/15 17:55
Re: First BN GE Techno Toaster
Author: pmack

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