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Nostalgia & History > Colorado & Southern 71 Operating - 1987

Date: 03/19/05 11:24
Colorado & Southern 71 Operating - 1987
Author: cozephyr

Back in August 1981...
Date: 08/13/01 22:24
RE: Central City Colorado in 1978 Question
Author: CPB284 worte...

I think this operation was a precursor to the Georgetown Loop being rebuilt. I think somewhere around ten or tweleve years ago, there was an excursion train that ran around Central City with C&S 2-8-0 #71 a gondola, and a combine. The operation shut down and #71 & the combine are now stuffed and mounted in Blackhawk.

I found some views of the Central City, Colorado, operation just before they opened July 4, 1987. Restored 3-foot gauge 2-8-0 71 was stretching her legs on the short line rebuilt at that time. The date was July 3, 1987.

Date: 03/19/05 11:32
C & S 71 at Central City, CO - 1987
Author: cozephyr

Floyd Cothran helped restore C & S 2-8-0 71 for the Central City, CO, operation. How long did this train operate - just 1987? I left Colorado that year so don't have any idea how long it operated.

Date: 03/19/05 11:44
Central City and C&S 71
Author: cozephyr

Before the gambling casinos Central City was quietly basking in its former mining glory. July 3, 1987. A short section of railroad had been laid for the C&S 71 operation. Note the Teller House above C&S 71's smoke stack.

The Central City Opera House Association has leased the adjacent Teller House for use as a casino.

The association, which produces the popular Central City Opera, has owned the historic property since 1935. The Teller House, a hotel, was built in 1872 and used to house Central City Opera House patrons starting in 1932.

The Teller House Casino opened Feb. 17, 2005. A second-floor restaurant, Madeline's, will open in May. The restaurant draws its name from the famous "Face on the Barroom Floor" painting on the bottom floor of the casino. The painting will remain, as will the second-floor museum area that includes the bedroom suite where President Grant stayed during an 1873 visit.

The casino has 200 slot machines.

Owner 3C Gaming Inc. is a Colorado company backed by an ownership group that includes Casino Partners Management (US) Inc., which operates the new Scarlet's Casino in Central City. Scarlet's also opened Feb. 17, 2005.

Date: 03/19/05 11:51
Re: Central City and C&S 71
Author: OnTrackEd

The operation with #71 was only operating for about 2-3 seasons (1987-89). Tourist railroad operator Cort Hammond re-laid just around a mile of track and ran it out to Central City as the "Central City Narrow-Gauge Railroad".

Originally in 1968, Lindsey Ashby and friends re-laid the line from Central City to Packard Gulch heading towards Black Hawk, operating former IRCA #44. The Ashbys brought the 44 out to run on the Georgetown Loop in 1974 and purchased former West Side Lumber Co. Shay #14 from Hal Wilmunder (Camino Cable & Northern) in California to replace it on the runs out of Central City. The ex-IRCA #40 I believe also ran on the line. Hammond started from scratch as the rails were removed at this time; I believe the Ashbys used it out at the Loop. GLR Inc. co-owner Dave Ropchan coordinated the US Marines Construction Corp. ("Seabees") to do much of the labor to rebuild the Loop, contrary to the CHS' claims.

Some photos of the Ashby's operation can be found on the Winter 'On Track' issue,

...and a CC&N article is in our latest,

The 71 is a sad sight today, I believe it's still in front of the Harvey's Wagon Wheel Casino in Central City, stuffed-and-mounted. The locomotive in Black Hawk is a Central American locomotive, which coincidentally also happens to have been painted up and numbered as 71.

Thanks for sharing the pics.

Date: 03/19/05 12:07
Central City Narrow-Gauge Track Construction
Author: cozephyr

Yes, Cort Hammond relaid the narrow gauge track to operate C&S 71. Here's a view of track construction on July 3, 1987 outside Central City.

Date: 03/19/05 12:29
C&S Gon 4319
Author: cozephyr

The C&S lettered gondola 4319 was getting a roof the day before the grand opening on July 3, 1987. C&S 71 was under steam that day. I was told the old Central City depot site was under the dirt (mine tailings?) ahead of C&S 71.

Date: 03/19/05 12:31
Re: Central City Narrow-Gauge Track Construction
Author: OnTrackEd

Has anybody seen advertisements being posted around the web for some group looking for a 'narrow-gauge train' for operation in a 'historic gold-mining town'? Apparently this has been said to be Central City. Who knows what they have planned, or where; I understand most of the ROW has been built-over or severed in some way.

Date: 03/19/05 12:49
Floyd Cothran with hot C&S 71
Author: cozephyr

Floyd Cothran helped restore Colorado & Southern 2-8-0 71 to operation in 1987. He was working on the hot (fire in the boiler) 71 on July 3, 1987.

Date: 05/05/15 06:11
Re: Floyd Cothran with hot C&S 71
Author: rrpreservation

Fantastic shots! I'm glad a shot of Flyd was added, he was a great person with a lot of experience in Colorado. He was former D&SL later D&RGW!

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