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Nostalgia & History > Also in Saratoga WY (GP7's)

Date: 05/18/05 07:33
Also in Saratoga WY (GP7's)
Author: PZRMN

Also sitting in Saratoga WY., is SW 2171 and WYCO 2182 sitting near the mill on the east end of the town. These have also been sitting there for many years.

The WYCO 6083, mentioned a few threads earlier, is also in Saratoga.


Date: 05/18/05 08:25
Re: Also in Saratoga WY (GP7's)
Author: trainhorns

What a great photo, I wish more locomotives wore there history on there sleaves like this

Date: 05/18/05 10:33
Re: Also in Saratoga WY (GP7's)
Author: Hiroshi2

Kinda remind me a blue warebonnet scheme of SantaFe F-units.

Thank you for posting the photo.


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