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Date: 07/24/05 12:21
"16 Line to the Steam Trains"
Author: KeyRouteKen

Up until November--1948, Key System patrons could utilize the # 16 streetcar line on 38th Avenue in Oakland, CA to go to and from the SP Steam trains at nearby Fruitvale Station...

Of course, there were "other" STEAM trains to behold on that route also, as you will see !

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Date: 07/24/05 12:29
Re: Steam Trains on the 16-Line...
Author: KeyRouteKen

Now of course if the Key System patrons wanted to see different types of STEAM trains, they could disembark their car at 38th Avenue & Foothill Blvd, regardless of the direction the streetcar was going, cross the street, and enter the rear of a Victorian home into some guy's basement and see THIS.....

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Date: 07/24/05 12:35
Re: Steam Trains on the 16-Line...
Author: KeyRouteKen

Otherwise, if the Key System streetcar patrons from the # 16-Line didn't want to go into some guy's basement, they could either stand outside and look in the windows OR else go around to the otherside of the Victorian home and partake of further steam action OUTDOORS on the backyard divsion of the "Miniature SP", as shown thus....

The gentleman on the RIGHT of this picture is SP Western Division "Water Service Foreman"
Vic Shattock. He is also pictured in the previous photo.

Vic was KRK's grandfather who introduced him to the hazards of being a railfan at a very young age, so long ago. Enjoy!

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