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Date: 08/15/07 08:10
New Rock Island PSGR Rolling Stock Being Developed
Author: Red

Larry "RRNut99" Gholson, who along with TO members "GP74444" and Bruce "ATSF90East" Sebring, and Hank "Georgiaroad" Stephens, helped me come up with new schemes for passenger equipment and diesel-electric locomotives, operating under a "If the ROCK had Survived" scenario, first implemented on Trainorders in Paint Shop Format, then, the transition into MSTS Format.

I'm proud to show off Larry's latest additions to the "Rock Island & Pacific" fleet, all based on previous freeware designs. He did a lot of hard work on these, with stunning results, and I'm **very** thankful to him, and, to the others who have helped provide me with a modern Rock Island fleet of MSTS freight and passenger diesels, passenger cars, and steam locomotives for mainline excursion service:

(1) RI 2-8-2 Mikado No. 2700, a retendered version of the freeware UP Mikado, based on a prototype photo of the CRI&P 2700:

(2) RI Business Car "ARIES," based on the generic freeware business car that has worn a lot of schemes, from ATSF to CB&Q:

(3) A broadside of the "ARIES":

Date: 08/15/07 08:19
Re: New Rock Island PSGR Rolling Stock Being Developed
Author: Red

(4) An end view of RI Business Car "ARIES""

(5) Now...something really nice for the RI Mainline Steam Program...Modernized Heavyweights with stainless steel fluting added. The "New Rock" Passenger Fleet wears the "GOLDEN STATE ROCKET Scheme." I rather wanted some modernized heavyweights for the steam excursions, but was in a dilemma. How would the cars be painted, in such a way that they would MATCH the existing Budd-built stainless steel fluted-side equipment? Paint the whole car in the RI Red? That wouldn't REALLY match. Or...paint the top half RI Red...and...paint the bottom portion silver. While the original 1948 GOLDEN STATE did, in fact, have some Modernized Heavyweights, with the bottom portion painted silver, in addition to the new rolling stock built for the train...I'm just not that crazy about regular sheet steel being painted silver.

When the freeware CP U-Series Modernized Heavyweights came out, quite recently, the problem was solved!!! Stainless Steel Fluted Siding was added to the CP U-Series sleepers, and, while I downloaded them with pleasure to add to my CANADIAN Consist, I also knew that I'd found the answer as to HOW the Modern Rock would handle heavyweight cars. They would look just like this:

(6) The Paint Shop master template drawing of the Rock Island & Pacific "ARIES" (one of many for various cars and locomotives) developed by Hank "Georgiaroad" Stephens, a very avid HO Scale Modeler, and, a darned good graphic artist:

Date: 08/15/07 22:07
Re: New Rock Island PSGR Rolling Stock Being Developed
Author: georgiaroad

Maybe this version will show up better.

Hank in AL

Date: 08/15/07 22:09
Re: New Rock Island PSGR Rolling Stock Being Developed
Author: georgiaroad

How about the big dome...

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