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Date: 10/31/08 21:22
Rail Simulator problems but at least I've got new ones
Author: newbergmoss

Rail Simulator problems continue --- but at least I've got new ones

updated my drivers and now I can load and run the Rail Simulator on my Dell Inspiron 1520
with graphics card = Mobile Intel 965 Express Chipset Family- driver version (2/15/2008).

1)Does anyone else run the game on this machine?

2) When I load the game and select Barstow to San Bernardino route and the Cajon Pass scenario, I can start the train and pass four switches in the SB yard. But when I get to just about the fifth switch at Lon= 117.31062 Lat = 34.104077, the train derails each time. Why is this? Is it something to do with the switch setting? How do I correct this? How do I even know it is incorrect and will cause a derailment?
3) Is there any documentation to explain the track colors in the Driver’s Guide windows and on the maps? What does the large blue circle mean?

Berk Moss,
Newberg OR

Date: 11/03/08 17:47
Re: Rail Simulator problems but at least I've got new
Author: MysticHowler

The infamous KRS switches! When you view the 2D map, there should be a blue line where your train is going. It is SUPPOSED to show which way the switch is lined up. The switch you keep derailing on is thrown against you. Click on it in the map does it, and I think by clicking on the actual switch. When going through yards or across switches, I tend to zoom in so I can look at all of the upcoming switches. I also will go to the cam that focuses on the lead engine and put it at track level and have it in front of the train so I can look at the points as I approach it. As for your third question, check Youtube, other people play it and have tutorials on KRS.

If I recall correctly, it is a bug that was in the original game. Try getting all of the updates.

Check this site out too.

I have been going here since the original MSTS.

Hope this helps.
Sean T.

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