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Date: 12/04/08 10:00
"Train Simulator' software question...
Author: KeyRouteKen

Hi Everybody-- Happy Holidays!!
Quick question---
What "Train Simulator" -type program is available today for your home computer that primarily deals with U.S. and Canadian railroad territory and is the MOST realistic ???
Would appreciate your advise.. Thanks in advance...


Date: 12/04/08 11:48
Re: "Train Simulator' software question...
Author: AmtrakPalmetto

Hi Ken,

I find these two websites to have the most realistic products:

Streamlines (based out of Canada)

Maple Leaf Tracks (also out of Canada)

These are the only two companies that I purchase add-ons from, and they have NEVER disappointed me. They have the best products out there. Hope this helps. Let me know if you have any more questions.

-Amin R.

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