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Date: 03/21/11 17:29
Possible new Train Sim
Author: Guernsey_Switch

Most of the people who play train simulators, remember Microsoft, announcing MSTS2, and its cancellation, only to be restarted and again, cancelled when Microsoft laid off the entire studio. It appears, some of the people from the studio started a new company. Cascade Game Foundry.
A quick visit to the projects page has a banner of a BNSF grain train.
If I remember correctly, one of the people who posted updates on this board, was one of the leaders in creating the new Train Sim, is now one of the founders for the new company.
Food for thought.

BNSF Conductor
Guernsey, WY

Date: 04/18/11 09:37
Re: Possible new Train Sim
Author: Hack

Mike Porter stopped dropping hints over a year ago since his move 'Down Under' (do some searching his postings on the UK Train Sim board - Generic Simulation section), and he hasn't posted to his blog in several months:


Rick Selby was the driving force at ACES (and afterward CGF), but has also dropped off the map.

Nothing new since, and I have my doubts we'll see any new rail simulators from anyone any time soon. My guess, an educated one I might add, is that new development on any rail simulator has passed. Railworks and Trainz are now the only commercially available sims, and are likely to be for some time. If CGF gets involved (and actually releases anything), it'll probably be in the form of an add-on to what's already available (ie: Flight Sim, MS Train Sim, Railworks).


Marc - 3DTrains.com

Date: 09/29/11 06:32
Re: Possible new Train Sim
Author: SBC_1344

Railworks' TrainSimulator 2012: I'm still with MSTS. Thinking of replacing MSTS with something more realistic, but so far haven't heard more reviews after MSTS. Of course I work MSTS with Maple Leaf and Streamlines add-ons on my dual core laptop running Windows Seven at full power so it works great.

The graphics look great. Has Microsoft thrown down the towel since Railsimulator is using their fonts?

Multiplayer would rule, specially the dispatcher option....


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