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Canadian Railroads > Ontario Northland Christmas Train

Date: 12/03/11 14:15
Ontario Northland Christmas Train
Author: tq-07fan

Here's something that hasn't been mentioned here yet.

Anybody ready to drive up to Hearst now?


Date: 12/03/11 16:23
Re: Ontario Northland Christmas Train
Author: DTrainshooter

That should put one in the Christmas spirit!

Date: 12/04/11 18:45
Re: Ontario Northland Christmas Train
Author: DrLoco

And for those of you who missed it on the ONR website, that *is* the ONR's newest locomotive paintscheme shown on the website. "Arrow" or "Point" I guess. On the positive note, they dropped that silly "O.N. Rail" Moniker, and went traditional with "Ontario Northland" on the side of the long hood. On the negative note, that's a LOT of yellow. The scheme looks better on the 1809, the GP38-2 that has been painted, where the white arrow is right behind the cab.
Anyone want to compare the late 1970's early 80's British Rail paintscheme and this current ONR scheme? I think they may be very close!

If you're interested, you can see some pretty good in-house video about the ONR here:

I guess they got over 10cm of snow yesterday up at Kapuskasing, that would certainly help add to the Christmas spirit!

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Date: 12/04/11 19:45
Re: Ontario Northland Christmas Train
Author: tq-07fan

Dr Loco

To quote Beavis and Butthead, "that video totally kicks a__!" I happened upon the Christmas train link while looking at the schedules for making a circle trip from Toronto to Moosonee on the train and back by bus to Timmins and Sudbury next Fall. I have never rode the Ontario Northland passenger trains but did ride an Ontario Northland bus from Sudbury to Toronto years ago on Hwy 69.


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