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Canadian Railroads > Lac-Mégantic: Charges filed

Date: 06/23/15 04:26
Lac-Mégantic: Charges filed
Author: trainjunkie

Transport Canada has uncovered serious violations in connection with the horrific 2013 oil train derailment in Lac-Mégantic under the Railway Safety Act and the Fisheries Act, the department announced June 22, 2015.An investigation under Canada’s Railway Safety Act found that an insufficient number of handbrakes were applied to the train and that the handbrakes were not tested properly.Charges are being made against a number of people for violation of the Railway Safety Act in connection to the Lac-Mégantic derailment. Not all affected individuals have been served as this process may take several days.

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Date: 06/23/15 12:28
Re: Lac-Mégantic: Charges filed
Author: NormSchultze

Good for Canada ! About time white collar criminals got jail time.  Six months in the cooler and a couple body cavity searches and this nonsense will stop.

Date: 06/23/15 13:14
Re: Lac-Mégantic: Charges filed
Author: reindeerflame

The train driver faces federal charges, as well as QC charges filed earlier.

Date: 06/23/15 15:06
Re: Lac-Mégantic: Charges filed
Author: Lackawanna484

Does anyone know if these charges qualify for extradition from the US?

Many times, if a person is charged in a foreign country with a crime not recognized in the US, they stay put in the US for a long while. If the crime is similar, they can be on their way in day.

Canada, for example, won't extradite people to the US if the crime in the US is subject to a death penalty.

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