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Canadian Railroads > Gone to beans

Date: 10/20/15 19:15
Gone to beans
Author: Mberry

Tonight I passed by the CP Lasalle Loop in Lasalle, Qc after dropping my wife off on the odd chance that I would see them switching there. I lucked out because not only was a train there, it was parked, meaning I could do some night shots with the train not moving. I rushed home to get my camera and tripod, drove back and took a number of shots, with the crew still nowhere in sight, as the crew of the Dorion Turn had left their train near the Lafleur Avenue crossing and gone to grab dinner. At left in the first two shots is the spur for Total Canada, one of two clients remaining on the once busy Lasalle Loop. A car streaks by the parked train in the second shot

Michael Berry

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Date: 10/20/15 19:55
Re: Gone to beans
Author: spdaylight

Very very nice!  One of these is a definite candidate for IOTD . . . or would it be IOTN(ight).  Well done!


Date: 10/20/15 21:15
Re: Gone to beans
Author: krm152

Do you know why are the units are uncoupled from each other?

Date: 10/21/15 06:27
Re: Gone to beans
Author: Mberry

krm152 Wrote:
> Do you know why are the units are uncoupled from
> each other?

I am not completely sure. My understanding was that only one unit was allowed on this line, so I was surprised to see two. Perhaps they can only switch the client at left with one unit.

Date: 10/21/15 06:43
Re: Gone to beans
Author: hoggerdoug

Could be tight curvature in the industry that does not allow two coupled locomotives??  I've seen a wye or two that was restricted by equipment length etc, one unit at a time.  Doug

Date: 10/21/15 17:07
Re: Gone to beans
Author: RS11

Very nice, than you.  Industrial railroading photographs are among my favorite, second only to trains in the snow and rain.

Date: 10/22/15 08:14
Re: Gone to beans
Author: tomstp

The clouds is that first shot make a remarkable photo.  It has that "closed in" feeling.

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