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Canadian Railroads > Good Friday in Farnham

Date: 04/16/17 17:53
Good Friday in Farnham
Author: Mberry

Being off on Friday for Easter and with sun in the forecast, I headed to Farnham as CMQ doesn't seem to run much on the weekends and I hoped I'd see something on a Friday. It did not start off very promisingly. I got there just before noon (later than I had wanted to because I decided to shoot CN 108), just in time to see CMQ 1 back up past the station.... and then tie up, with the engines shut down. I drove off to get lunch and visit a nearby bakery. My timing was good, as I got back, the crew was back and started up the engines (first shot). Power was 100% ex-CP: CITX 3091 (originally SD40 CP 5552) and a pair of Red Barns (CMQ 9020 & CMQ 9023, same numbers on CP).

1-The crew gets back onboard, with M636 CP 4723 (still slated to be scrapped) at left).

2&3-They start taking the train apart, passing by the decrepit ex-CP station (unused by CMQ and unwanted by the city) repeatedly.

Michael Berry

Date: 04/16/17 17:55
Re: Good Friday in Farnham
Author: Mberry

4-Some barns are looking better than others....

5-Backing into Farnham Yard.

6-The barns are leading as the light power backs into the yard for another maneuver.

Date: 04/16/17 18:23
Re: Good Friday in Farnham
Author: Mberry

7-One more, with the conductor throwing the switch for the light power to head back to the yard, with doomed CP 4723 looking on.

Date: 04/16/17 19:17
Re: Good Friday in Farnham
Author: AndyBrown

Those are interesting units and wear that paint scheme well; I never knew about these before.


Date: 04/17/17 05:44
Re: Good Friday in Farnham
Author: refarkas

Great photos. Your images with the to-be-scrapped MLW in the background are my favorites. You have soon "not to be repeated" photos there.

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