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Canadian Railroads > a few from "ten years ago today"

Date: 04/19/17 05:40
a few from "ten years ago today"
Author: hoggerdoug

View from the cab as we head south approaching Soda Creek BC on the BC Rail Prince George subdivision.  Lots of deer in this area as can be seen in these images. Large herds of these black tail deer winter in the river valley protected from the weather. The ranches along here are posted "no hunting / no trespassing" and the deer are safe from local hunters. Also it was quite common to see the deer among the cattle herds eating hay and silage cattle feed. Once in awhile trains would prang a deer on the tracks, the carcass would be picked over by coyotes, fox and eagles as well as the local ghetto grouse.

Date: 04/19/17 05:42
Re: a few from "ten years ago today"
Author: hoggerdoug

3 images taken at Soda Creek and the two derailed cars shoved clear of the track. It would be several more months before they were removed.  thanks for looking,  Doug

Date: 04/19/17 08:50
Re: a few from "ten years ago today"
Author: engrbill47

Venison on the hoof! Yum!

William Jeffers, P.E.
San Dimas, CA

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