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Canadian Railroads > CP 5103; SD40-3 delivered

Date: 04/19/17 15:05
CP 5103; SD40-3 delivered
Author: TheGrande

CP 5103 made it to St. Paul MN a few days ago, not sure if that is it's new home or not. It would seem it got some work done to allow remote control use. Not sure what else was done before it got a shiney coat of red.

Does anyone know how many of these are being done?

Any rumors of any more power purchases or rebuilds? No update on the 6300 series SD60's that i've heard..

Picture link copyright of "Wizzzells" from Flickr.

Date: 04/19/17 19:26
Re: CP 5103; SD40-3 delivered
Author: SOO6617

They are supposed to be for the hump and pull-down jobs, plus spares. There will be 10 CP 5100 - 5109. They are "SD40-3" but unknown if they got more than an overhaul, paint and RCO. The current hump sets will go east for conversion and paint so the units will dribble in over time. According to Bill Miller they will be former CP 6000, 6060, 6040, 6035, 6041, 5867, 5969, 5953, 6034, 6050 in that order.

Date: 04/20/17 07:52
Re: CP 5103; SD40-3 delivered
Author: Mberry

I saw CP 5102 at CAD in Lachine, Qc yesterday - looked ready to go.


Date: 04/20/17 09:13
Re: CP 5103; SD40-3 delivered
Author: Entropy

Saw a blurb on Canadian railway observer, CP has been having shops upgrade these with ZTR controls, RCL and CCB26. In this case it was the Electro Motive/PR Marshalltown shop.

Date: 04/20/17 09:14
Re: CP 5103; SD40-3 delivered
Author: algoma11

I thought all recent rebuilds were to have the golden rodent crest??????????????

Mike Bannon
St Catharines, ON

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