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Date: 04/19/17 18:03
CN Wainwright Sub - More Wye Road Shots
Author: feclark

This will clear up a backlog of shots from the Wainwright Sub along Wye Road from last year's shooting.
1. Just before Wye Road, aka Highway 630, crosses the Wainwright Sub, you find Range Road 204, which gives this neat rural shot of the grade crossing. On November 8, 2016, IC 2722 and CN 2106 lead an unidentified (scanner issues) EB stack train at 1426. Lens is set at 40 mm.
2. To keep too many people from being killed at the crossing, Highway 630 swings away from the tracks before heading due east at the crossing. This is where chasing breaks down and the cross-country orientation of the rails means EB will run away from you. So, one option is to turn down an unpaved road just before the crossing; this is the continuation of Wye Road, and it follows the rails, albeit with a lot of brushy areas that mean you need to pick your spot. This is almost all the way to the end of Wye Road, which becomes Range Road 202A and tees with Range Road 202. The date is April 2, 2016, MP 235 on the Wainwright, and 2340 leads an unidentified EB stack train at 1317, with 8848 in DPU mode. The lens is set at 34 mm, and yes, it was a very dry spring last year. At least the weeds weren't up yet.
3. Not more than a quarter mile east of location 2, I've taken Wye/202A to the end, turned left across the tracks, and set up for #302, whose headlight I saw when I got to the tracks near Uncas, and tore off to stay ahead of it and set up here. The diesels are 5752 and 2533, the time is 0815, and there are 450 axles, with lots of bulkhead flats and 41 auto racks in the consist, also on April 2, 2016, with the lens set at 55 mm. If you're headed east, just continue north on Range Road 202, to the right, and you'll end up on Highway 630 and on your way to Lindbrook, which will be the subject of several upcoming posts. It's flat-land, no mountains, but I love this kind of landscape.

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